See motivation at work. Experience how real gurus and students globally are using Kaaryin platform to reinvent education.

About Kaaryin Platform

  • The Kaaryin ECO System

  • Intelligently connects Knowledge Seekers and Knowledge providers for holistic learning
  • A Digital Education Infrastructure platform for K2K
  • Adaptive Learning solution using Big Data Analytics
  • An EdTech knowledge management environment for integrated learning (online, digital and conventional learning)
  • Kaaryin has components to support:

  • Intelligent identification of Context specific Knowledge
  • Seamless connection of Knowledge seekers and providers
  • Dynamic organization, access and Management of Knowledge
  • Kaaryin Digital Education Infrastructure Application
  • Kaaryin K2K Application
  • Kaaryin Mobile DKM application
  • Kaaryin Knowledge Platform
  • Kaaryin USP

  • World’s first cloud and mobile enabled technology platform where Knowledge Seekers and Knowledge providers are seamlessly connected.
  • Proprietary Massive Live Online Classes (MLOC™) technology creates "One unified interactive learning environment"
  • Analytics driven EdTech platform provides "One to One attention at One to Many costs"
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