Live Tutor Signs up with Digipropel Corp

Live Tutor Solutions Private Limited, Chennai, India on 20th Nov 2017, announced strategic collaboration with Digipropel Corporation, California USA, (digipropel.com) for leveraging the Live Tutor’s Kaaryin Technology platform ( kaaryin.com) for delivering Digital Interactive content to the Global Education ecosystem. Commenting on the collaboration, Murali Subramaniam, COO of Kaaryin mentioned that Digipropel’s access to key customers in key markets and content in niche areas would enable a disruptive approach to markets. Ananth Subramanian, Chairman and CEO of Digipropel Corporation was of the view that the strategic collaboration would enable quality content based interactive education in the international ecosystem at affordable prices and would also enable collaboration with Governments to reach rich education content at affordable prices to the rural diaspora.


Live Tutor Solutions in UK

Live Tutor has established a presence in the UK through their subsidiary Live Tutor Solutions Limited in London. This office will take care of the operation in UK and other parts of Europe as well. Efforts are currently on to setup delivery centre in the UK office for Europe specific content delivery for institutions and the corporate world.


Kaaryin for China

The company has signed up with Changchun Sihaixingtang Technology Co.,Ltd in China to promote Kaaryin in the Jilin, Shanghai, Beiging, Guizhou and Chengdu. The platform is available in Chinese version with customization specific for the China market

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