• Kaaryin™ is a Digital Education Infrastructure Company
  • An EdTech knowledge management environment for integrated learning (online, digital and conventional learning)
  • Intelligently connects Knowledge seekers and Knowledge Providers for holistic learning
  • Provides adaptive learning solution using Big Data Analytics

Kaaryin Includes

Massive Live Online Classes (MLOC™)

Massive Live Online Classes interactively connects a teacher with large number of students across various locations for real time learning

Digital Knowledge Management (LMS++)

An advanced LMS that facilitates creation of courses, learning aids, activities, audio video content, notifications, attendance and many more

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

The world of open courses for learning. Gurus can promote their courses and learners can join. Learners can learn at their time of convenience

Learning Analytics

Using Predictive Analytics the learner and trainers would have deeper insights on their learning and teaching abilities

Assessment and Evaluation

Learning is not complete without assessments and evaluation. Both objective and descriptive assessment are possible here

Education Social Media

Enter the world of knowledge sharing with your peers, gurus and other subject matter expertise. Create your education blog and comment on other.

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