Case studies

Case Study 1
Conducted live interactive classroom training across 70 heterogeneous locations pan India for a leading Education Institution with 250,000 students.
  • Used proprietary Massive Live Online ClassesTM (MLOC™) Technology to create real interactive classroom experience across the centers. MLOC™ created "One unified interactive learning environment"
  • Managed differing bandwidths ( some as low as 200 KBPS), different devices, and different class sizes using our Dynamic Live Throughput optimization (DLTO) method  to create "One integrated Class"
  • Seamlessly connected variety of interaction channels; live video, audio, chat and telephony
Case Study 2
Implemented Tablet based interactive Learning for 2,000 users for a K12 School in the Middle East.
  • Deployed Kaaryin Scholar and Kaaryin LMS
  • Implemented Dynamic Content Creation and Delivery System
  • Supported Offline Learning
  • Customized Mobile Device Management Solution for the institution
  • Enabled Anywhere, Anytime learning
Case Study 3
Implemented eCampus Solution for a leading university with 7500 students in the Middle East.
  • Deployed Education specific Content Management System (CMS) with multi lingual support.
  • Integrated dynamic Learning Management System with CMS
  • Collaborative Kaaryin Student Portal for interactive participation for parents, teachers, students, and admin staff.
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