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Benefits of becoming a Kaaryin Guru:

  • Teach anything from anywhere and at any time using your Android device, iPhone, or iPad.
  • Use our app to Create/use/manage your content in different format
  • Choose your right student from millions across the world.
  • Share your knowledge across the globe and get remunerated for it.
  • Improve your professional skills through Kaaryin .Earn more stars and create more demand for your course/live teaching.
  • Stick on to your present job. Use your leisure time productively to improve your financial & professional status by becoming a Kaaryin Guru.
  • Come out of your shell and get noticed. Become a Kaaryin Guru; the world is ready to recognize your skills.
  • Honour yourself - join hands with the other Gurus- feel proud to be the member of community for a good cause.

Benefits of becoming a Kaaryin Student:

  • Quench your quest in learning through Kaaryin's MLOC™
  • With Kaaryin learning becomes simple & the experience is a real treat for the learners.
  • Choose the course of your choice, time of learning and of course favourite teacher among thousands of available Kaaryin Gurus.
  • Learn from the experts through two way interactive live classes
  • Learn OTG. View live class, Watch videos, access course materials, and even purchase courses directly from your Android device, iPhone, or iPad.
  • Video on Demand 24x 7 for various courses by real world experts to help you march forward in the career of your choice.
  • Evaluate your learning process using different tools available with Kaaryin.
  • Learn at ease with an affordable cost
  • Learn at your own pace through Kaaryin to become competent in this competitive world.

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