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Democratize learning
Right Guru, Right Knowledge, at the Right time

About Us

World has always grappled with an everlasting human question –

"How does one have access to the right knowledge at the right time"?

At Live Tutor, while disseminating knowledge, we faced this conundrum as well. That is when a group of ambitious, dedicated, passionate, and quirky friends decided to explore this problem. The result:

"Kaaryin" – A Digital Education Infrastructure Company

The Kaaryin platform seeks to address this fundamental question in a holistic way and create a lasting impact on the world of learning. Using technology and Analytics Kaaryin connects the knowledge seeker and Knowledge provider (Sishya and Guru) in a meaningful way, supported by content and understanding.

In every knowledge transfer, there are three key elements

  • Interaction between the Student and Teacher
  • Content of the Interaction
  • Context of the Interaction

For a successful knowledge transfer, all the three elements need to be in the right equilibrium. Depending on the type of knowledge transfer, this will be different.

The Kaaryin platform uses our proprietary Massive Live Online Classes Technology (MLOC™), MOOC and Learning Analytics to create a personalized learning experience for each student. The platform also has an integrated assessment capability and Education Social media component for collaboration between teachers, students, parents, classmates, and administrators.

As you know, this type of learning has been prevalent for several thousand years; but to a few lucky and selected ones. Now technology has provided the opportunity to take this mode of learning to all - "truly democratize learning".

And this is what we at Kaaryin has set out to do

"Right Guru, Right Knowledge, at the Right time"

Leadership Team

Founder & CEO
Analytics expert. 25 Years of global Transformational Experience. Past senior partner at Accenture, New York. Alumni of IIT and Stern School of Business. Takes care of the intelligence components of Kaaryin.
CR Anantha Krishnan Founder & CEO
Co-founder & COO
23 Years of serial technology entrepreneurial experience. He has built and sold 3 companies having global customer reach. Innovative sales leader with experience of selling and servicing multi million dollar software solutions to multinational clients. Engineering graduate. Takes care of Operations, Sales & Marketing
Murali Subramaniam Co-founder & COO
Co-founder & CIO
A Doctorate from IIT, with 20 years of global experience in Process Quality, Information Security and operational efficiency. Has many patent pending solutions for online and digital learning. Takes care of the Connection components
Dr. Mukundan Raghavan Co-founder & CIO
Co-founder & CTO
Award winning Technology Guru and leader, with deep architecture experience on all the latest technologies including Mobile, Cloud, and Internet of Things. A true practitioner who leads by hands on delivery of complex technical applications. Takes care of the Knowledge Components
Francis Xavier Co-founder & CTO
Vice President - Europe
International IT Business Development expert and qualified language teacher with over 30 years of experience. Responsible for Live Tutor Solutions and expanding the Kaaryin concept into the European market.
Anya Bell Vice President - Europe
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